Braking systems

At Bawa Trailer Parts we stock a large range of braking systems for your trailer. These includes electric, mechanical and hydraulic. These brakes are supplied from the same supplier who has been supplying to big trailer manufactures throughout Australia.

Trailer kits

Want to make a trailer yourself?

DIY Trailer kits

We have a large range of DIY trailer kits, ranging across a large range of braked and non braked systems. If you want to build a trailer, we have everything you need.

Upgrade kits

Already have a trailer? Want to upgrade something? Maybe you want to strengthen your trailer? Contact with us your ideas.


BTP have a large range of stock on hand. With new shipments arriving every week our wide range of products includes:

  • Lights, Plugs and Electricals
  • Tyres and Rims
  • Cages

Customer service

At Bawa Trailer Parts, we believe customer service to me one of the most important things when it comes to service. That’s why we make a promise to you to offer you the best service in the market.

Trusted Quality parts

All our parts come with a guarantee of being of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is our priority, to ensure we as a company provide excellent quality service.

Download our latest catalogue for a full product range.

Hubs and bearings
Need new hubs or bearings? Contact us for more information.


Repairing your trailer? We have all the products you need! From axles, hubs to light kits – Bawa Trailer Parts is your one stop trailer shop!  Contact us.